conference schedule

Friday, July 28

Networking Mixer / 6PM - 9PM

Heritage Ballroom at The Centre of Elgin

100 Symphony Way, Elgin, IL 60120

Saturday, July 29

Conference Program / 9AM - 4PM

*Note: This is a walking conference with multiple locations

Location 1:

Heritage Ballroom at The Centre of Elgin

100 Symphony Way, Elgin, IL 60120

Location 2: 

Gail Borden Library

270 N Grove Ave, Elgin, IL 60120

Saturday, July 29

Night Gala / 7PM - 11PM

Heritage Ballroom at The Centre of Elgin

100 Symphony Way, Elgin, IL 60120


Conference program

8:00AM - 9:00AM | Registration

9:00AM - 9:30AM | Welcome

9:30AM - 10:30AM | Session #1

The Journey of Lao Americans in Medicine (Heritage Ballroom, Centre of Elgin)

An interactive discussion about the path to a career in medicine and the barriers that exist within our community and for our community members. We are defined as an underserved community, find out what it means, and how we maximize this for the greater good on our journeys.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate #Education

Using Art for Education and Social Justice (Community Room, Gail Borden Library)

Throughout history, the arts have been the venue for great social changes. It is through the arts that can reach people of little means to make changes for the highest good. Come explore.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate #SupportLivingArtists #HumanRights

College 101: What You Need to Know (Grove Room, Gail Borden Library)

From school curriculum to extracurricular activities, from majors to majoring, from home to college life, from careers to developing passion, from student life to job searching. Ask questions from current and past college students, educators, and administrators.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate #Education

Importance of Police-Community Relationships (Elgin Room, Gail Borden Library)

Police-community relationships mean an eye in the community and an eye outside the community to keep abreast of community events, to share cultural traditions, to learn about each other and events that impact both. Join us to discover specific steps in how to best advocate for the community during times of peace and during moments of crisis.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocacy #CivicEngagement #Education #HumanRights #Youth #Men #Squad

10:30AM - 10:45AM | Break

10:45AM - 11:45AM | Session #2

Rainy Days and Retirement: Working with Money, Saving for the Future (Heritage Ballroom, Centre of Elgin)

In all 50 states, numbers are showing that our wages are behind cost of living. Can we openly talk money? What are the banks doing to support our monies long term? What language do we need to know and understand to maximize our passive earning potential? Learn about what you can do today to be prepared for tomorrow.

#Uplift #Advocate #Elder #Youth #Families #USBank

Social Security: Securing Today and Tomorrow (Elgin Room, Gail Borden Library)

Social Security promotes economic security by providing financial benefits and resources to help keep the general public financially secure throughout life’s journey.  Social Security staff will be present to assist attendees to establish their own “MY Social Security” accounts and be able to check on their benefits estimates and/or print out their own Social Security Statements or benefit verifications.

#Advocate #Education #ElderCare #SSA

Bridging the Generational and Cultural Gaps (Community Room, Gail Borden Library)

What is working in supporting our community to be in harmony with all ages. Let’s talk and share solutions.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate #Elder #SandwichGeneration #CulturalTraditions

How's Your School Doing? School Data and What it Means to You (Grove Room, Gail Borden Library)

How do you know if your school is doing well? This presentation will provide participants -- ideally parents, K-12 students, and advocates -- with the knowledge and tools to use public data to understand how well their local schools are doing in providing a quality education to all students. We will review part of the state of Illinois’ newly drafted education plan and discuss, the indicators used to judge schools in the state’s accountability plan. SEARAC will provide a guide to help participants find this information for their own school district, questions to ask school and district officials, and a cheatsheet to understand how well their school is doing in comparison to other schools within the local area and the state.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate #Education #Data #Youth #SEARAC

12:00PM - 1:00PM | Lunch

1:15PM - 2:15PM | Session #3

Mental Health in Lao Communities (Heritage Ballroom, Centre of Elgin)

In-language Lao mental health services for has been non-existent until recently. New words have been created to meet the needs of our growing elder population, to support our sandwich and second generations on up, so we can better advocate. Definitely many new things to learn here.

#Advocate #Elder #CulturalTraditions #SandwichGeneration #LaoLanguageMentalHealth

Addressing the Needs of Southeast Asian Youth (Elgin Room, Gail Borden Library)

Do you know what your needs are? How do you define needs? Who do you call? Ghostbusters? Come share your questions, come share answers, come share stories. Let’s brainstorm.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate #Education #Youth #Squad

Career 101: Writing a Winning Resume and Cover Letter (Grove Room, Gail Borden Library)

Starting to look for a job or start a career can be overwhelming. Learn how to find opportunities, brand yourself and get hired at the salary you want.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate #Education

2:15PM - 2:30PM | Break

2:30PM - 3:30PM | Session #4

Addressing the Needs of a Growing Lao Elder Population (Heritage Ballroom, Centre of Elgin)

Are you keeping your parents at home in their late years? Are they planning death at home or some other place? Do you know what your local community offers? Do you know who and what to advocate for?

#Advocacy #CivicEngagement #ElderCare #HumanRights #SandwichGeneration

"A Short Documentary Film Screening and Dialogue: Phetmixay Means Fighter" with Rita Phetmixay (Community Room, Gail Borden Library)

This session will incorporate the film screening of Phetmixay Means Fighter followed by a facilitated dialogue. Audiences will have an opportunity to process themes from the film and how they were impacted as Lao Americans. Finally, there will be time saved at the end to ask Rita any questions about her journey that led her to create Phetmixay Means Fighter at UCLA.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate #WomenEmpowerment #Phetmixay

Career 201: Speaking the Job into Existence (Mock Interviews) (Grove Room, Gail Borden Library)

Words create our environment. Are you using the right words to manifest your dream job? How do you use your squad to support you in your dreams?

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate #Education #Youth #Men #Women

Community Needs and Opportunity Assessment (Elgin Room, Gail Borden Library)

The Laotian American National Alliance is looking for organizational alliances and partners, individual members to support its mission in uplifting, uniting and advocating for us. Our vision is to be ON the CENSUS 2020 form as LAO. Our vision is to show the greater American population our numbers, that we are a strong cohesive community to  our support our future generations in their educational choices though public policy that supports us in dignity and kindness.

#Uplift #Inspire #Advocate  

3:45PM | Closing

4:15PM | Trolley Tour of Downtown Elgin, IL