We are dedicated to advancing the social and economic well-being of the multi-ethnic Laotian Americans in the United States through civic engagement and public policy advocacy. 

We have established the following goals to fulfill our mission: 

  • Advocate for social justice, equal opportunity and fair treatment for all multi-ethnic groups from Laos

  • Promote civic participation, education, and leadership

  • Develop a new generation of non-profit, public sector, and corporate leaders

  • Advance coalitions and community building

  • Increase funding support for Laotian community-based organizations

  • Foster and preserve cultural heritage


Jonathan Vorasane, Chair

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Since 1999, we have connected with thousands of Laotian Americans. Each year we fundraise to support the growing number of Laotian American students and business owners.



scholarships granted


Business grants donated


national conferences


Policy Priorities


Civic Engagement

We educate the community on the importance of the U.S. Census and being civically involved with local representatives.


We advocate for a more inclusive and accessible education system for all members of our community.


We advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that will improve the family visa system and create a clear pathway to citizenship.




Board Members

Jonathan Vorasane

Jonathan Phoummany

Arlene Samona Markthapharak

Tony Innouvong

Alex Vilaythong
Board Member


Advisory Board

Anasone Silivongxay
Former LANA Board Chair & Executive Director

Into Bo Champon, Esq.

Maly Phommavong
California Judicial Court Registered Lao/Thai Interpreter

Khammany Mathavongsa
LANA Founding Member